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Kula Pvc was established in 1995. Since then, it has been active in Plastic Panel Production, and has been presenting the products to you with the most convenient prices. Our factory is 40 kms away from Izmir Harbor, and 22 kms away from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Our firm is running according to the standards of ISO 9001-2008. Our main objective as a flexible firm is customer satisfaction. Following the national and international fairs, and analyzing the recent products and concepts, we make you meet with the better and the newer. As Kula Pvc, we are working by paying special attention to R&D. We are the leader of the sector which produces and services all kinds of Pvc Panels and Pvc Panels' installation materials. Our production capacity is 20 units of 40 feet HC containers per month. We are continously developing our moulds, machine and equipments which are modernized for production of the best product in the briefest time.
Timing and Confidence. That's how we got here! We develop innovative, practical solutions that address the challenges of our supply, manufacture and quality steps more than 16 years. Join the over 150+ customers who trust Sercor to be the part of a exclusive benefits with rich content of material with professional team.
Our company provides services in the plastic raw material and plastic profile (roller blind lath, plastic case, plastic frame and other mechanisms) sector.
Profilsa has the excitement of sharing his knowledge and experience with your esteemed clients. Since the day it was founded, our company has been manufacturing heat insulation barriers.In order to pr
Arkoc Plastik offers high qualitative economic products and services to domestic and international markets in accordance with the needs of the construction sector, especially PVC and aluminum products. Established in March 2014, our company produces products in European standards with its 1500 m² closed production area and expert staff in Kocaeli and increases its domestic and international customer portfolio. Already working with countries like The Netherlands, Suriname, Nigeria and Iran Arkoc delivers both domestic and intercontinental.
Gurmen PVC Plastik Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., was established in June 2002 in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone in order to produce PVC door and window profile. Subsequently, started to R&D efforts and in order to create a source for these works, many domestic and foreign companies pvc profile designs of were analyzed. After these analyzing, the details were prepared and completed the series PRO6004 and PROSLIDE-84. PVC Door and Window Profiles Producing Plant 2004 Test production has been completed on July 3, 2004 and started production in real terms. Provides PVC window and door systems with a network of dealers throughout Turkey and regional offices in Marmara and Denizli. New series have been prepared in line with the demands and needs. PRO5003, PRO6003, PRO6004, PRO7005, PROSUR70 and PROSUR84 series meet the needs of manufacturers, architects, engineers and end users. There are alternatives that can provide the solution for each project. Proline has a laboratory and quality control team, produces faithfully to the quality management systems. Ready Made Doors and Windows Producing Plant Directindustry 2004 It was founded in 2004 in order to serve abroad completely. Keep pace with today’s technology and in order to meet demand, the development continued with new investments and is continuing. It has been moved to Izmir Free Zone in 2013, Ready doors and windows produced with CNC machining centers are exported to many countries, mainly European countries. Decorative Door Panels Producing Plant 2016 We completed the preparations for the decorative door panels production facility and had to operate in 2016. Customizable and rich model options are offered as a complementary product to the door producers without any compromise in quality as it is in pvc profile production.
In order to take our place among the leading companies in the sector during our activity period, we have started to work rapidly and with dedication, we have standardized our customer-oriented work and quality policy. Tori PVC U-PVC Window and Door Systems utilize its resources in an economic, effective and efficient manner in order to ensure customer satisfaction by taking into account the customer needs and opportunities with the active participation of all employees. PVC U-PVC Window and Door Systems production, installation sales and after-sales services, we act with the understanding of total quality management. We continue our activities with the principle of happy customer and customer satisfaction with our experienced and wide staff. PVC U-PVC Window and Door Systems As a result of the increasing market demand, we have established our expanding customer potential and dealer network under the brand name of Tori PVC U-PVC Window & Door Systems, and we continue to expand this network with our new teammate companies as our main target. In our sector, we aim to offer you the best quality with the lowest prices and to serve you with our 24-hour logistics support. We produce high quality, economical and convenient products. We use the latest technological production tools. We make delivery from stock without waiting. We are sensitive to environment and nature. We work with our R & D department for permanent success. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide after sales support service. Offer free discovery and offer.